Corns & Calluses

Corns and Calluses are hard painful areas that often develop on the feet in response

to pressure or friction. 

They happen when the skin tries to protect an underlying area from injury, pressure,

or rubbing.

They are more common among people who where ill fitting shoes, have sweaty feet,

and those who stand for long periods each day.

Facts about Corns & Calluses

  • Corns have a distinct, often hard, centre which may be surrounded by inflamed                                                                                                                                         skin.
  • Corns can be painful when pressed but Calluses are n usually painful.
  • Calluses are usually larger than Corns, and they vary in shape; while Corns tend                                                                                                          to be smaller round and well defined. 
  • Calluses normally develop on the soles of the feet, especially under the heels or                                                                                                   balls, on the palm of the hands and also on the heels. Corns often occur in                                                                                                                non-weight-bearing parts of the skin.
  • Painful Corns or Calluses may need medical attention. 
  • Lifestyle and clothing changes can help prevent Corns and Calluses.

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