​​​​Keith Kinrade-Thomas


Keith qualified as a Podiatrist in 2010 and immediately started practicing privately in the Caerphilly area, with a weekly clinic at Lewis Opticians and domiciliary visits. He is established at weekly clinics in Courthouse Medical Centre, Ton-Y-Felin Medical Centre and Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community. Keith is interested in every aspect of Podiatry, from routine care, to surgery and sports injury. Keith believes that through a thorough assessment and abiding by an appropriate, tailored treatment plan that his patients can get back to fighting fit and he takes pride in being able to lessen and even rid them of their foot-related pain with his care, attention and expertise. 

Chloe Kinrade-Thomas

Chloe holds the business close to her heart, having watched her Mother Valarie first establish her own private Podiatry clinics across Caerphilly over twenty years ago. When Valarie retired in 2014, Keith merged both patient bases into one and since then it has grown even further to become the 'Keith Kinrade-Thomas Chiropody & Podiatry' of today. Alongside Keith, Chloe oversaw the launch of the business in July 2010 when Keith was fresh out of his graduation robes and can remember how exciting booking his very first patient was! From developing business plans to designing logos as well as all forms of advertisings - business cards, newspaper, poster, leaflets; if it's creative then Chloe is involved. More recently she has designed and built the business website, showcasing regional clinics and a comprehensive visual guide of foot ailments and treatments, along with customer testimonials. At the moment she is developing custom-made graphic illustrations depicting Podiatric treatments and personalised caricatures of Keith for marketing. She's also running the business social media pages, maintaining engaging online presence with advertising campaigns and focusing on key demographics. Basically, Keith dreams it, Chloe makes it.  


Bambi Kinrade-Thomas

Bambi is Keith's right-hand-doggo. Early in the morning when Keith is autoclaving equipment ready for a busy day of clinics and house visits, Bambi is there by his side snoring quietly in his dog bed. Whenever the autoclave needs to be topped up with ionised water, Bambi lets Keith know with a grumpy grumble because the beeping 'water low' noise wakes him from his slumber. A very reliable and steadfast side-kick, come rain or shine Bambi sits on Keith's lap, when he is ordering medical supplies on the laptop, when he is calling patient's back to book them in after a long day at work, he even stays napping whilst Keith completes his CPD online. That's one dedicated doggo!*

Scooby Kinrade-Thomas

Of all the Kinrade-Thomas doggos, Scooby is the most vocal; so it makes perfect sense to appointment her 'Communications Manager'. Whether it's a visitor knocking on our front door, a friendly neighbour talking in the street outside our house or even a fictional doggo on the TV - Scooby will let us know loud and clear that something is up. She even has a special hidden talent. It's totally normal to expect howling from a big doggo, the hound-dog-looking types, but have you ever heard of a Chihuahua howl? On very special occasions, when Keith sings to the dogs in his most dulcet tones, Scooby will join in with her own a wolf-worthy howling performance. Her voice so sonorous and clear she can be heard echoing right down the Senghenydd valley. *

Shirley Kinrade-Thomas

Shirley was the most obvious fit for business 'HR Manager', because she is the friendliest of all our doggos and just wants everyone to be friends and be happy. Oh and belly rubs, belly rubs are definitely at the very tip-top of her prioritises list. Shirley tries her best to promote harmony amongst all the doggos and humans alike in the house and it's pretty hard to get mad with her around (even though she keeps eating the veneer off out kitchen cupboards). When you come in from work she will dance around on her hind legs with excitement at seeing you, when you sit down she immediately jumps on your lap and tries to snog you and of course, if you've really had a really hard day and you're feeling kind of low, she knows exactly how to cheer you up. You guessed it; by giving her a belly rub. Can't fault her technique!*

Ripley Kinrade-Thomas

Weighing in at a meagre 2.5 kilograms, Ripley (or Wippy as she is called by her nearest and dearest) makes an excellent 'Insole Tester' because she is the only dog small enough to fit comfortably inside a shoe! At 'Keith Kinrade-Thomas Chiropody & Podiatry' we are all about quality control, so every time Keith sources a new materials over the internet, tries out a new type of foam or poron insole, Ripley is right there to test them out for durability, comfort and of course flavour. *

*this bit of the website is just for fun! The dogs don't actually work for us in any capacity and they definitely don't come anywhere near any medical equipment, especially when it's freshly sterilised from the autoclave!

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