Sporting Injuries

Injuries to the lower limb often happen whilst undertaking a variety of sports.

Podiatrists can help by assessing your sporting injury of the lower limb, developing

treatment plans to reduce further injury, and developing personalised exercised

plans for you to carry out in order to prevent further injury.

Keith's main aim is to get you recovered and back to full strength so you can return

to your favourite sport as quickly as possible. 

Tendonitis Review

I started a new job in Cardiff last month after a couple of months off and it meant I

had a short walk (15 mins) back and for the train.

From the first day or so I started having the most intense burning/pulling pain in

my right lower leg; from the side of the shin, around the bend of the ankle and then

tucked under my outer foot.

At first I tried to shrug it off - thought I’d just pulled a muscle but it got more and

more intense each day and I was surprised when I looked down not to see this

burning red/purple strip of angry muscle coming out of my leg.

I sent Keith the first picture - I’d drawn on it where I felt the pull and the most

painful part; he diagnosed me with tendonitis brought on by my sudden change in

activity after so many months at home.

He put insoles into my ‘commuting trainers’ (something I had already purchased

on his advice) and used Kinesiology tape to immobilise my joint so when I walked

to work (can’t exactly take time off in the first fortnight!) I wasn’t irritating my

already inflamed tendon, giving it time to heal.

I wore the tape for 2-3 weeks and from the very first day I could feel the pain

numbed. I could feel the same general warmth build up but the tape stopped it

turning into the excruciating burn id grown used to.

Even though I’m Keith’s Wife, I still thought it was important to write a

recommendation because we haven’t had a ‘sporting injury’ review yet and I was

pleasantly surprised how much of a difference some carefully placed tape made to

me not having to hobble about Cardiff every day being late for work!

I will say the tape isn’t a magic wand and it’s important to take on board all of

Keith’s advice and abide by it as best you can. I wouldn’t have recovered so

quickly if I was wearing my usual ‘pretty shoes’ for the commute instead of


Anyway, here’s my quite lengthy review. As usual my husband was right, but

having a completely pain free tendon I can power walk around town with makes

it much less annoying that usual! 

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